What Corals are Provided with the Guarantee?

 Unless otherwise stated in the item description, any coral purchased from Tidal Gardens includes the full 7 day guarantee. Specialty items or corals considered to be "expert only" may not qualify for the guarantee and will clearly state this in the item description.

 What if I have a DOA or a coral doesn't survive the first 7 days?

 Take a clear picture of the coral. We require a photo of the coral to ensure replacement and refund accuracy. Please make sure to take a clear photo under daylight (not actinic).

 Send us your picture and order information. Please send any photos and claims to [email protected]. A representative will get back with you typically within one working day.

 Receive your replacement or refund. We will either replace your coral with a future order, issue you a gift card, or issue you a refund back to your original payment method. We address all DOA claims on a case by case basis and are generally willing to use whichever method works best for you.

Tidal Gardens offers a 7 day guarantee. As much as we may try to improve our shipping procedures, some corals do not survive the shipping process. Shipping is possibly the most stressful event a coral can experience and certain corals are more sensitive than others.


 Returns are not possible. Please DO NOT send back any corals unless specifically requested to do so by Tidal Gardens.