Montipora Corals

Montipora are a genus of small polyp stony corals found in reefs throughout the world. Montipora are some of the most diverse SPS corals available. They come in a huge variety of growth forms such as plating, encrusting, and branching as well as just about every color imaginable. Montipora benefit from clean water, stable conditions, bright light, and strong flow.  

If you are looking to get into SPS Montipora would be a great choice because it is not insanely challenging for beginners and because there are such a variety of options out there for colors and shapes they can be incorporated into any reef aesthetic.

Take a look at the video here to take a closer look at these beautiful specimens. If you want to dive deep into the topic of Montipora, please check out our coral spotlight blog!

CLICK HERE to view the Montipora Coral Care Article.

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