Pavona Corals

Pavona or Cactus Corals are lumped in with SPS corals generally, but they tend to be far easier in the sense that they are far less sensitive to fluctuations in water quality and are less demanding. What I mean by that is water conditions that would cause more sensitive SPS such as Acropora or Montipora to discolor or even die back probably would not cause any noticeable change in a neighboring Pavona.

In terms of growth patterns, Pavona come in three main types. I've seen a flat encrusting growth, vertical plating growth, and a thick branching growth. They have a powerful sting and grow quickly. The orange variety of this coral is particularly attractive and grows in either encrusting or branching forms.

Who is this coral for? I’d say it’s for the beginning hobbyist that’s looking to dabble in the world of SPS or for a veteran of the SPS world that is looking to add a coral with unique growth patterns in the lower part of their reef.

CLICK HERE to view the Pavona Coral Care Article.

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