Frogspawn Corals

Euphyllia Frogspawns have been a fixture in reef aquariums seemingly since the hobby began. Frogspawn corals have long multi tipped tentacles resembling a mass of frog eggs. This large polyp stony coral (LPS) is one of the most popular stony corals in the hobby because if the way it sways in the current. It is very similar in growth and care requirements to it Euphyllia cousins, the Hammer coral and the Torch coral. Frogspawn corals like all Euphyllia are known to extend sweeper tentacles aggressively when situated too close to other corals. Typically Frogspawn are less aggressive than Hammers and Torches, however they can engage in this type of combat with other corals. This hostile reaction can damage or kill nearby corals, so it is important to be aware of placement at all times. Some aquarists observed clownfish host in large colonies of this LPS. This may be sub-optimal as the coral tends to shy away from constant contact from the fish.

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