Brain Worm Corals

Platygyra are an uncommon Large Polyp Stony (LPS) coral that are commonly referred to as Brain Worm Corals.

The name Platygyra is very loosely to describe any number of similar brain corals. When it comes to classification, there are a number of very similar looking corals that are a challenge to differentiate from one another. Not only do they look similar, on occasion they grow differently in captivity making them resemble another coral entirely. The corals may be Platygyra, or Paragoniastrea, or Leptoria, or even Favites.

Classification aside, they tend to be more fragile than either Lobophyllia Brain Corals or Maze Brain Corals of the Genus Oulophyllia however have a special aesthetic quality that makes them very highly sought after. If your reef tank specializes in top-end LPS, a Platygyra may be a coral worth considering.

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