Acanthophyllia Corals

Acanthophyllia are a Large Polyp Stony (LPS) coral that is growing in popularity as dazzling specimens from Indonesia make their way into the market. Originally, these corals were grouped together with Cynarina and Scolymia but recently were granted their own Genus of Acanthophyllia. They grow in a similar fashion to Cynarina and Scolymia but have a rough textured skin. Acanthophyllia corals are some of the most vibrant LPS, especially the rare color morphs that have traces of yellow, pink, red, and blue. Despite their rare coral status among coral collectors, Acanthophyllia are some of easiest corals to keep in the reefkeeping hobby. They are hardy and can be fed easily. The only downside is they cannot be propagated at this time. Still, this LPS is a favorite coral here at Tidal Gardens, and we make it a point to provide WYSIWYG specimens for sale whenever possible. Check back often to see if we have more available online.

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