It is interesting to note that while corallimorphs seem to resemble a cross between anemones and soft corals, they are more closely related to stony corals in a taxonomical sense. Like stony corals, they share 6-fold symmetry and the possession of a lobed ciliated tract but noticeably lack a hard skeleton. 6-fold symmetry means the coral has six tentacles or tentacles in multiples of six.

Mushrooms are some of the best beginner friendly specimens to start a reef tank with. They are generally some of the hardiest organisms in the reef-keeping hobby that require very little light and are tolerant of most tank conditions. The exception to this rule is Ricordea yuma from the Pacific that tends to be on the sensitive side.

At the Tidal Gardens greenhouse, we aquaculture Ricordea, Discosoma, Rhodactis, and even hard to find Pseudocorynactis mushrooms. Check back often to see what we have for sale here online.

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