Bubble Tip Anemones

Bubble Tip Anemones of the Genus Entacmaea are a Pacific anemone that makes an excellent host for a number of clownfish species. Bubble tip anemones, sometimes referred to as bubble anemones, come in a variety of colors with some having multiple colors. These anemones are some of the most popular anemones for sale in the reef aquarium hobby. As their name might indicate, the defining characteristic of these anemones is their bubble tips. Interestingly, bubble tips on these beautiful creatures aren't always expressed. They come and go occasionally and the reasons behind this behavior are not well understood at this time. Bubble tip anemones are highly active and can move around the reef tank so it is important to guard overflows and pumps that may damage the wandering anemone. These anemones can be fed meaty foods every few days and enjoy fish like silversides in particular.

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