Class Anthozoa -> Subclass Hexacorallia -> Order Actiniaria
In terms of taxonomy, the defining characteristics of anemones are their 6-fold symmetry and a body comprised of calcite spicules. 6-fold symmetry means the coral has six tentacles or tentacles in multiples of six.

Anemones are responsible for drawing countless aquarists into the reef keeping hobby. When imagining a coral reef, often the mental image of an anemone and clownfish materializes. Anemones are one of the most recognizable organisms in our tanks even to laypersons. The motion of their tentacles are mesmerizing and several Pacific varieties make great hosts for clownfish.  In addition to clownfish, other critters such as porcelain crabs and sexy shrimp form symbiotic relationships with certain anemones. Tidal Gardens carries bubble tip anemones, carpet anemones, and rock flower anemones.

Unlike most corals in the reef aquarium hobby, anemones are capable of moving around the tank. This movement around the reef tank can be an issue if an anemone decides to trample a prized coral or make its way to an unprotected pump. In those situations it is best to try and relocate the pump or coral rather than the anemone for fear that the anemone's foot may be damaged in the process.

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