New HQ Building Playlist


In late 2017 we broke ground on a giant new facility for Tidal Gardens. This blog post is a video playlist chronicling the whole saga from start to... where we end up. Knowing how projects work here at Tidal Gardens, they never really ever finish, they just keep evolving forever. In any case, it is great to go back and see how it all came together.

Episode 1 - November 2017

This was the first video I made announcing the new building project. The ground got prepped and the shell of the building went up.

Episode 2 - January 2018

This second video was an open Q&A discussing the build up to this point as well as fielding questions people had about their aquariums.

Episode 3 - March 2018

In this update, much more progress got done on the interior of the building including the framing of the second floor.

Episode 4 - April 2018

This video was a detailed walkthrough of the space along with a discussion about the plans for heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Episode 5 - August 2018

It is time to run the electrical as well as talk about the rain water collection system!

Episode 6 - September 2018

We take a look at how things are progressing and we can see the electrical is in as well as the bathrooms are well on the way to getting done. Also, the upstairs has vinyl tile flooring and the studio space is coming together.

Episode 7 - November 2018

We have our heating system in place and it is an absolute work of art. This heating system will heat the floors and tanks in the new building as well as the tanks in the greenhouse. Also in this video update, we get to see the progress in the studio space as well as next steps that are planned.

Episode 8 - January 2019

This is the end of year update on the new building construction. It is crazy to think that we are about 14 months into this build. We’ve made some good progress since the last update much of which is actually in our old greenhouse.

Episode 9 - May 2019

New floor! New RO System! New Aquarium Stands!

Episode 10 - August 2019

Tanks are finally here! We also got a lot of our lighting fixtures mounted and made progress in other areas. Still a long way to go but progress is progress. I can't wait to get these tanks plumbed in and cycled!

Episode 11 - October 2019

There isn't any water in the tanks yet, but these delays are giving me the ability to make adjustments and make sure it is going to work out the right way once everything is in place. In this update we cover some work we did with electrical as well as the start of the plumbing. There is still a ways to go but progress is progress and I'll take all the baby steps I can. I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Episode 12 - November 2019

The first tanks are up and running. This video covers all the plumbing that went into the setup.

Episode 13 - December 2019

The sense of relief I am feeling now that we have the new tanks here in once piece feels so good. It was quite an adventure getting these tanks from Florida and set onto the stands.

Episode 14 - January 2020

We got a couple really cool quarantine tanks for the new building. Special thanks to Aqua-Crylic for building them!

Episode 15 - March 2020

Because I see this place every day, I don't think about all the little changes we've done. After some time though they do add up to some pretty substantial upgrades. This video covers some of the small projects that we have done in the past couple months since the previous update.

Episode 16 - May 2020

Today the plumbers installed the geothermal cooling system. The cooling system is a closed loop of water that uses the underground cistern as a source of cold water to perform a heat exchange. In essence we are soaking up heat from the aquariums into the closed loop and transferring the heat to the water in the cistern that stays between 55-60 degrees F year round. Each system of tanks can call upon the cooling system separately when cooling is required to keep the water temperature in the aquariums under 80 degrees.

Episode 17 - May 2020

In this update we go over some of the ongoing projects. The biggest news is there is finally corals that have made it out of quarantine and into the new frag systems.

Episode 18 - August 2020

In this update we fill you guys in with all the updates going currently, which includes updates on the current show tanks, as well as some new show tanks that will eventually be put in.

Episode 19 - October 2020

In this update we dive into wire management, frag tank updates, and updates on the corals themselves

Episode 20 - December 2020

This update covers our species specific show tanks, our new fish quarantine setup, floating workstation, and the new heating system for our greenhouse.

Episode 21 - Things we would have done differently

In this video Than discusses everything he would have done differently looking back at the progress of the new building


Check back periodically for updates to the play list!

Than Thein